We require

By adding your name to our list of supporters we increase our ability to secure funding from other sources.


We value and respect all contributors and are grateful of support for our inititative.

We need

We’ve completed the first step in the development and planning of The Preparatory. We’re now requesting funding to help complete the trial stages and secondary development stage.


This monetary support will help with curriculum, research, materials, planning, marketing, and establishing this initiative as a provincial cornerstone establishment.

We appreciate

We are entering new terrritory and are always appreciative of advice during our journey.


Any professional view points or in-kind contributions to the following is always appreciated:


•  Legal  •  Financial  •  Educational  •  Cultural

  • PHASE 1 – Preparation

  • PHASE 2 – Support

  • PHASE 3 – Testing

Business plan and validation of concept

From September 2014 to June 2015 we were able establish the foundation of our initiative and develop a robust business plan that delivers the prospective timelines, budget requirements, and potential.


We know this initiative is significant in scope and concept and have created a multistage plan for delivery. We are confident that our planning is adequate for the next stage of development.

Funding and commitment model

We are currently developing key partnerships within the business community on both public and private levels. Our commitment is to maintain transparency and provide accurate information and honest delivery at all stages.


We are open to all inquiries and questions regarding our processes and planning. Our hope is that we can connect and establish meaningful partnerships that help in contributing in better deliverables.

Curriculum and delivery strategy

We have developed and refined The Preparatory syllabus over the course of several years and are focused on providing the best outcome for our prospective students.


For the initial testing stage, we have developed 12 modules that are condensed versions of the actual curriculum. These modules will enable us to refine and establish a curriculum that is robust and rewarding.


After the testing phase is over, the next step is establishing a full 8-month curriculum that ensures the students entry into accredited schools upon completion.

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Marketing materials0

Pitch deliverables0

Signatories, Investors, and Advisors0

Community awareness0

Syllabus, curriculum, and modules0

Partners for trials and testing0

Successful trials and testing completed0

Principal, Founder

Tim Neal

The vision of The Preparatory occurred to Tim 10 years ago. He has since developed the syllabus for the course, tested parts of the curriculum in real-world settings, and has been focused for the last year on making it a reality. Prior to starting this First Nations educational initiative, Tim was a successful Creative Director for an advertising agency in Saskatoon, SK. He is one of a very few First Nations professionals in the business of advertising and design in Canada.

Marketing Specialist

Calvin Xiao

An Account Planner and Strategist by trade, Calvin has been invaluable to The Prep over the last 6 months. He developed the marketing strategy and with his keen business sense has focused the positioning of the overall project. He will continue adding value to the initiative through research and analysis – keeping The Prep focused and remaining an industry leader.



Our esteemed colleague will be chosen after the initial round of funding and module trials have been completed. Our prospective partner is a design/advertiser that believes in methodology that is analogue first – digital second. Using their unique blend of interests, skills, and techniques, they will strengthen and further develop The Prep's curriculum.

Lab Assistant/s


With the curriculum of The Prep being extremely hands-on and fast paced – the class needs another set of experienced hands and capabilities to ensure the students are progressing. Experience and dedication to the fields of advertising and design are a must. Energy and optimism will be this person's greatest assets.

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